Born and bred in 1984 in Athens. Since my early childhood I expressed my interest in painting. Though I graduated accounting in 2007 and despite the fact I was working for four years as an accountant, my passion for fine arts forced me to make my choice which led me to my admission to the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) on October 2012.

Part of my beliefs is the idea that art is an effective mean of expressing feelings, or questionings in philosophical contexts, psychological states of mind and matters of relationships. Result of these beliefs is my work to be anthropocentric with its roots in contemporary philosophy and psychology bases.


Visual art group exhibition | “1st Painting Workshop of ASFA” exhibition, 18 Mar - 03 May 2015, organized by the Grigoriadis Gallery and curated by Antonopoulos Angelos, at the Grigoriadis Gallery in Neo Herakleio, Athens, Greece.

Video art group exhibition | “Fenêtre sur Rue – AthènesRouen” exhibition, 12 Mar - 31 Mar 2014, organized by the School of Fine Arts of Havre (ESADHar), at the Martainville Gallery in Rouen, France.

Video art group exhibition | “TENT Academy Awards 2013”, 12 Jul - 25 Aug 2013, organized by the TENT Academy in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Nominated for the TENT award in the video art group exhibition.


Web Magazine "Stigmart/10 Video Focus", issue 01/2015, Interview on January 2015, for the video “On human rights”. To read the interview click here

Web Magazine "ARTiculAction", special issue 02/2016, Interview for the whole body of my work. To read the interview click here

Online press "Athens Voice", 09/2016, reference to "Artist Warning". To read the interview click here