In the mind of the Artist


Forgiveness from Christos Marmeris on Vimeo.

     In Greek the word Forgiveness (=συγχώρεση < συν+χώρος = plus/add + room/space) actually means to make room in yourself, in your heart, so you will be able to accept someone! In this attempt I am trying to make some room for myself. I am trying to accept myself but at the same moment I am hurting, pressing and somehow punishing myself. These notions derive from an orthogonal wiring which, on one hand, create the room for me to be forgiven but could also be consider as a really strict reason/logic which imprisons the sentiment in an almost obsessive-compulsive way. Augmented Reality technology is used to make clear that the restricting – forgiving wiring exists just in my head! It’s my reality and how I experience things and it has nothing to do with how others perceive my reality. It’s a play with the notion of reality in both psychological and philosophical terms. Who said forgiveness is easy?

King Warrior Magician Lover from Christos Marmeris on Vimeo.

     Carl Jung was talking about archetypes of the collective unconscious. The developers of this theory nowadays are talking about four archetypes of maturation, the King, the Warrior, the Magician and the Lover. Each one represents some certain qualities of the personality and every individual has to equally evolve these archetypes through life, in order to have mental health and balance.

      Knowing that I am lacking some qualities, I am trying to find out how the game works for me. I begin to wonder which moves should I make and what to sacrifice, in order to further develop these archetypes. On the other side, my mentally disabled brother stands with a smile, stares at me and leaves me wondering if he is there to oppose or to assist.